Collection: Rocco P. Lisbon

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Rocco P.: The Neapolitan Geheimbund of Knitwear

Rocco P. transcends the realm of mere knitwear; it's a Neapolitan secret society dedicated to the art of cashmere. Imagine a hidden workshop where generations of artisans meticulously hand-knit sweaters so luxurious they could be mistaken for royal heirlooms. 

Rocco P. doesn't chase trends; they create heirlooms. Each piece is imbued with a sense of mystery, a whisper of a bygone era where quality reigned supreme. Owning a Rocco P. creation is an initiation into a brotherhood of understated luxury, a way to experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

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Rocco P.

Rocco P. — is a world-renowned brand that amazes the world with its elegance and style, it embodies the harmony between sophistication, freedom and creativity. Rocco P. combines the perfect color harmony of materials, ingeniously combined in modern collections that reflect the spirit of the modern woman.

Each item in the Rocco P. collection is created with the interests of the modern woman in mind, offering fashionable shoes that not only embody the main concepts of the brand, but are also aesthetically appealing. Rocco P. takes a unique approach to women's footwear, ensuring that each piece highlights each woman's individuality. Through a vibrant world of colors, prints and exceptional craftsmanship, Rocco P. continues to fascinate and beautify the modern woman, making her quintessential for those who value style, quality and creativity.