Collection: Falorni Lisbon

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Falorni: Unmistakably Italian, Uniquely Woven

Falorni isn't just another bag brand. Founded near Florence, Italy, this family-owned company crafts statement pieces that redefine handbag essentials. Forget mistaking a Falorni for anything else – their distinctive woven leather and meticulous attention to detail ensure each bag is instantly recognizable.

What makes Falorni unique?

  • Signature Woven Texture: Their trademark woven design adds an unmistakable touch of Italian artistry and sets Falorni bags apart.
  • Functional Elegance: The frameless construction prioritizes both style and practicality, offering spaciousness without sacrificing form. Rectangular and trapezoidal shapes with integrated handles complete the signature look.
  • Understated Luxury: Falorni prioritizes premium leather and minimalistic details, allowing the quality of materials and craftsmanship to take center stage.

Falorni offers more than a bag; it's a conversation starter and a timeless investment. Their woven masterpieces are a celebration of Italian heritage, ensuring you own a piece that is both beautiful and undeniably Falorni.

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Falorni — is a world-renowned brand that amazes the world with its elegance and style, it embodies the harmony between sophistication, freedom and creativity. Falorni combines a perfect harmony of colors and materials, ingeniously combined in modern collections that reflect the spirit of the modern woman.

Each item in the Falorni collection is designed with the interests of the modern woman in mind, offering fashionable bags that not only embody the core concepts of the brand, but are also aesthetically appealing. Falorni takes a unique approach to women's accessories, ensuring that each piece highlights each woman's individuality. Through a vibrant world of colors, prints and exceptional craftsmanship, Falorni continues to fascinate and beautify the modern woman, making her quintessential for those who value style, quality and creativity.